Resources for Learning Wolof

Resources for learning Wolof available for downloading

Interested in Wolof Proverbs. I have produced two books of Wolof proverbs. Léebuy Wolof yi - lu dajale 2750 léebuy wolof is a collection of 2750 proverbs without translation or explanation. Wisdom of the Wolof Sages is a collection of about 750 Wolof proverbs translated and explained in English.


GAYE Pape Amadou 1980 Practical Course in Wolof: An Audio-Aural Approach Basic Course in Wolof prepared for Peace Corps Volunteers. Available for download from ERIC.

NUSSBAUM, Loren V et al 1970 Dakar Wolof: A Basic Course (Center for Applied Linguistics Washington) Available for download from ERIC. A course designed for the Peace Corps with 74 lessons based on the Introductory Course in Dakar Wolof by Stewart et al.

SOSSEH Hayib 1965 A Basic Olof Course with Cultural Notes A Wolof course designed for Peace Corps volunteers in the Gambia, Available for download from ERIC.

STEWART William A. et al 1966 Introductory Course in Dakar Wolof (Center for Applied Linguistics Washington) Course in Dakar Wolof prepared for Peace Corps volunteers. Available for download from ERIC offer a downloadable course in Wolof. The course is in French.

Dictionaries, Lexicons

BARBOT Jean, 1680 (1992) Barbot's West African vocabularies of c.1680, edited and annotated by Paul E.H. Hair, 1992. Scanned pages hosted by the Africana Digitization Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.

DARD Jean 1825 Dictionaire français-wolof et français bambara (Download from Google books - at least 4 different copies exist in Google books 1 2 3 4 ) Scanned image copy of an early French-Wolof dictionary.

GEOFFROY de VILLENEUVE René Claude 1814 L'Afrique, ou, histoire, moeurs, usages et coutumes des africains: le Sénégal -- avec une vocabulaire de langue ouolofe (PDF). (Download from Google books in 4 volumes 1 2 3 4) Scanned text from Google books which includes a small French-Wolof lexicon as appendix.

Loïc-Michel PERRIN has produced a dictionary file for the Microsoft Word spell checker. Copy the file wolof.dic to the folder containing the Word language files. Under Word options select the proofing tab, then custom dictionaries. Click on add and select the file wolof.dic

Freelang have an online Wolof-French; French-Wolof dictionary with 1,139 word Wolof to French / 1,254 word French to Wolof which is also available for downloading.

The Peace Corps dictionary of Gambian Wolof (620kB) and a grammar primer of Gambian Wolof (250kB) were both produced by Sierra Dem, (1995) of the U.S. Peace Corps in the Gambia in .pdf format and are available from a number of places on the internet including this website. Other Gambian Wolof resources including the Living Lexicon, a database of Wolof vocabulary for reference and vocabulary testing which is available for various versions of Microsoft Access.

General Wolof Grammar manuals:

STEWART William, GAGE William 1970 Notes on Wolof Grammar in NUSSBAUM et al Dakar Wolof: A Basic Course (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington) pp 355-412 The notes were adapted by William GAGE from STEWART et al Introductory Course in Dakar Wolof (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington) A very useful explanation of Wolof Grammar. In this edition the spelling used in 1970 has been updated to current alphabet conventions. (226 kB PDF file)

BOILAT P.D. 1858 Grammaire de la langue woloffe ( Oxford University) (Telecharger depuis Google Books) Scanned image copy of one of the early classic Wolof grammar manuals.

CHURCH Eric, 1981. Le système verbal du wolof. Documents Linguistiques n°27, Département de linguistique Générale de la Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Dakar. Detailed but not difficult doctoral thesis on the Wolof verbal grammar system. Distributed electronically with permission from the copyright holder. (1MB pdf file)

DARD Jean 1826 Grammaire Woloffe (Download from Google books - at least 3 different copies exist in Google books 1 2 3 ) Scanned image copy of one of the early classic Wolof grammar manuals.

DIAGNE, Pathé 1971 Grammaire de Wolof Moderne (Présence Africaine, Paris) In this copy, the original has been corrected to conform with modern spelling conventions. Distributed electronically with permission from the copyright holder. (644 kB pdf file)

KOBES Aloïse 1869 Grammaire de la Langue volofe (Download from Google books)

SHAWYER Richard 2001 Wolof Grammar Manual

Linguisitic papers on Wolof in English

BECHER Jutta, 2003. « Experiencer constructions in Wolof ». Hamburger Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere, Universität, Hamburg, Asien-Afrika-Institut : Hamburg, n°2. (Download from This academic paper discusses how the Wolof express things that they have experienced (emotions, thoughts, perceptions, physical sensations etc).

BUELL Leston Chandler & SY Mariame, 2006. Affix ordering in Wolof applicatives and causatives, Selected proceedings of the 35th annual conference on African linguistics. (Download from Short academic paper which discusses use of verbal affixes.

BUELL Leston Chandler & SY Mariame, 2005. A fixed hierarchy for Wolof verbal affixes, Linguistics Dept, UCLA. (Download from Short academic paper which discusses use of verbal affixes.

BURTON Richard F 1865 Wit and Wisdom from West Africa A collection of West African proverbs including a large number of Wolof proverbs with English translation. Available for download from Google Books.

CREISSELS Denis 2006 The construct form of nouns in African languages: a typological approach. 36th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics Leiden University.

CREISSELS Denis, NOUGUIER-VOISIN Sylvie 2004 The verbal suffixes of Wolof coding valency changes and the notion of co-participation

IRVINE Judith 1978 Formality and Informality in Speech Events Sociolinguistics Number 52 Available for download from ERIC.

IRVINE Judith 1975 Wolof Speech Styles and Social Status Sociolinguistics Number 23 Available for download from ERIC.

KA Omar 1988 Wolof Syllable Structure: Evidence from a Secret Code Available for download rom ERIC.

McLAUGHLIN Fiona 2001 Dakar Wolof and the conguration of an urban identity

MOORE Kevin Ezra 2007 Lexical Resources in Wolof and English for Talking of Time in Terms of Space
in Selected Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on African Linguistics edited by Doris L. Payne and Jaime Peña. This paper applies conceptual metaphor theory to Wolof, a Niger-Congo language spoken in Senegal and The Gambia, West Africa. The paper examines a subset of the Wolof lexemes that can be used for talking about time in terms of space and motion. Many of the same metaphors that have been proposed for English and other languages also appear in Wolof, sometimes with interesting differences having to do with interactions between metaphor and lexical semantics. Additionally, a Wolof metaphor that does not occur in English is examined.

RIALLAND Annie, ROBERT Stéphanie 2001 The Intonational system of Wolof in Linguistics Vol 39 Issue 5. Can be read at Access my Libray and BNET or purchased

ROBERT Stéphanie 1997 From body to argumentation: grammaticalization as a fractal property of language (the case of Wolof ginnaaw) Download from Scientific Commons. Also found here.

SECK, Mamarame 2009 The structure of Wolof Sufi Oral Narratives: Expanding the Labovian and Longacrean Models to Accommodate Wolof Oral Tradition A Doctoral thesis.

TORRENCE Harold 2005 On the Distribution of Complementizers in Wolof (Doctoral thesis UCLA) Available for download.

TORRENCE Harold 2004 Constructing Wh Word in Wolof Syntax Handout prepared for Annual Conference on African Linguistics.

TORRENCE Harold 2003 The syntactic derivation of complex Wh-words in Wolof. To appear in: Proceedings of GLOW ASIA 2003.

TORRENCE Harold 2003 Verb movement in Wolof (PDF). UCLA working papers in linguistics, n. 9, p. 1-31.

Linguistic papers on Wolof in French

CISSE Mamadou, 2005. « Revisiter "La grammaire de la langue wolof » d'A. Kobes (1869), ou étude critique d'un pan de l'histoire de la grammaire du wolof, Sudlangues, n° 4. (Téléchargez depuis le site Summarises and comments on the explanation of Wolof grammar given by Kobes.

CISSE Mame Thierno, 2006 Problèmes de phonétique et de phonologie en wolof Sudlangues n°6 (Téléchargez depuis le site A discussion of Wolof phonetics.

CISSE Momar, 2008, Approche énonciative et discursive de la "structure thématique"des énoncés en wolof, Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Dakar, Nouvelle série, N° 38/A, Ecole Doctorale ARCIV, UCAD. Also available on the SudLangues site

CISSE Momar, 2007. Analyse distributionnelle et approche pragmatique. Recherches sur les phénomènes d’ambiguïté et de désambiguïsation linguistiques en wolof.Dans Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Dakar, Nouvelle série, n°37/1, Ecole doctorale ARCIV, UCAD, p.1-16

CISSE Momar, 2007 De quelques stratégies du discours persuasif wolof. LIENS (Laboratoire d'Informatique, Ecole Normale Supérieure): revue internationale francophone, v. 10, p. 155-164. This article aims at
demonstrating that the wolof logic which is most adapted to the persuasive argumentative process is mainly based on the relevance of the oral discourse and the way it is performed; two elements which aim at seducing the hearer.

CISSE Momar 2007 Campagne électorale sénégalaise de février 2007. De l'usage des slogans wolof comme mode de contestation de la langue-code Sudlangues, n° 7 By focusing on the issue of the wolof slogans used during senegal's election campaign in February 2007, this study shows that the conception that communication is objective and quantifiable item does not always reflect reality. In fact, many discursive and contextual parameters prevent the univocal grasping of the meaning. Download.

CISSE Momar, 2006 Parole chantée ou psalmodiée wolof: collecte, typologie et analyse des procédés argumentatifs de connivence associés aux fonctions discursives de satyre et d'éloge (summary PDF). Thèse d'état. Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar.

CISSE Momar 2006 Déixis et anaphore en grammaire wolof (PDF). Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Dakar, v. 36, p. 317-336. This paper looks at the use of pronouns and articles in everyday use of Wolof.

CISSE Momar, 2005 Linguistique de la langue et linguistique du discours. Deux approches complémentaires de la phrase wolof, unité sémantico-syntaxique. Sudlangues, n° 4 (Téléchargez depuis le site Discusses how Wolof is used in discourse.

CISSE, Momar 1987 Expression de temps et de l’aspect dans la communication linguistique : Analyse de quelques énoncés du Français (Langue dite à «temps ») et du Wolof (Langue dite à « aspects ») dans le cadre de la théorie générale de l’énonciation (Université de Nice, Thèse doctorat)

COPANS Jean, COUTY Philippe 1968 Contes wolof du Baol Sénégal (Karthala) Available for download from Center d'études africaines. French translation of traditional Wolof stories. Unfortunately the Wolof original is not included in the text, but the stories can still give some insight into Wolof culture.

CREISSELS Denis, ROBERT Stéphanie 1998 Morphologie verbale et organisation discursive de l'énoncé : le cas du tswana et du wolof  Full document / Compressed document

DIALO, Amadou 1990 Le contact wolof/français au Sénégal

DIALLO Amadou Tidiane, 2007 Religion et innovation lexicale en Afrique noire (PDF). Sudlangues: revue electronique internationale de sciences du langage, v. 7, p. 96-116.

DIKI-KIDIRI Marcel , MBODJ Chérif, EDEMA Atibakwa Baboya 1997 Des lexiques en langues africaines (sängo, wolof, lingala) pour l'utilisateur de l'ordinateur (PDF). Meta, v. 42, p. 94-109.

DREYFUS Martine, JUILLARD Caroline, 2001 Le jeu de l'alternance dans la vie quotidienne des jeunes scolarisés à Dakar et à Ziguinchor (Sénégal): variation dans l'usage du français et du wolof. From: Cahiers d'études africaines, v. 41. PDF file

LEXANDER, Kristin Vold 2010 Le wolof et la communication personnelle mediatisee par internet à Dakar Glottopol Revue de sociolinguistique en ligne n° 14 – janvier 2010. pp 90-103
This paper reports on a study into the way that Wolof is used on the internet for personal communication in chats, SMS and emails. It is interesting but of little value to a language student.

NDIAYE, Moussa D. 1994 Equisse d'une morphologie du Wolof in Revue québécoise de linguistique, vol. 23, n° 1, 1994 pp125-137

N'DIAYE-CORREARD Geneviève, 2003. Structure des propositions et système verbal en wolof, Sudlangues, n° 3 (81) (Téléchargez depuis le site Discusses a different model of analysing the verbal system of Wolof.

NOUGUIER-VOISIN Sylvie, 2002 Relations entre fonctions syntaxiques et fonctions sémantiques en wolof. Thèse de doctorat. Université Lumière (Lyon 2).

PERRIN Loïc-Michel 2005 Des représentations du temps en wolof Doctorate thesis.

PERRIN Loïc-Michel 2005 L'économie du système hypotaxique temporel du wolof

PERRIN Loïc-Michel 2008 L’économie du système des subordonnées temporelles et hypothétiques du wolof.

POZDNIAKOV Konstantin I., 1993 Les classes nominales et le traitement des consonnes initiales atlantiques en wolof (PDF). From: Sravnitel'naja grammatika atlanticeskix jazykov: imennye klassy i fono-morfologija. Publ. by Nauka.

ROBERT Stéphanie Le Wolof in Djamel Kouloughli & Alain Peyraube (éds), Dictionnaire des Langues, vol. 3 de l’Encyclopédie des Sciences du Langage, Sylvain Auroux (éd.), Paris : P.U.F An article overviewing the Wolof language.

ROBERT Stéphanie 2006 Sur le rôle du sujet parlant dans la construction du sens : liens entre temps, aspect et modalité Discussion of time and mode in Wolof. Download here.

ROBERT Stéphanie 2002 Temps et verbe dans les langues africaines : l'exemple du wolof

ROBERT Stéphanie 2000 Le verbe wolof ou la grammaticalisation du focus. Download from Scientific Commons Discussion of how the Wolof emphasise different aspects of the phrase. Also available here.

ROBERT Stéphanie 1998 Espace déictique, espace syntaxique et prédication : les indices spatiaux du wolof Download from Scientific Commons Discussion of how the Wolof use indicators of space on articles. Also available here.

ROBERT Stéphanie 1993, Structure et sémantique de la focalisation. B.S.L. de Paris, vol. LXXXVIII, p. 25-47. (télécharger)

SAMBOU Pierre-Marie 2005 Quelle phonologie pour les langues du Sénégal ? Sudlangues, n° 4 (Téléchargez depuis le site A discussion of certain aspects of the variability of Wolof phonology.

SECK Aliou Ngoné 2003 L'interrogation en wolof Sudlangues, n° 2 (Téléchargez depuis le site Discusses use of interrogation in Wolof.

ZRIBI-HERTZ A, DIAGNE L 2003 Déficience flexionnelle et temps topical en wolof in P. Sauzet & A. Zribi-Hertz (eds.), 2003 Typologie des langues d'Afrique et universaux de la grammaire, vol. 2 :
Benue-Kwa et wolof, pp. 205-231. (Paris L'Harmattan)

For those who understand German Julla BESCHER has published her thesis on Wolof Grammar. A search in Google will find other german articles by her. Untersuchungen zum Sprachwandel im Wolof aus diachroner und synchroner Perspektive


The African Languages Materials Archive includes a number of electronic books in Wolof. They can also be accessed on ALMA's second website

Progiciels Bourbeau Pinard Inc. have developed a collection of free downloadable programs for working with bodies of text in a variety of languages including Wolof. These programs enable the analysis of texts to produce statistics, concordances, vocab lists, recoding of text files (character substitution), and automatic alignment of the same text in different languages.

FRANCIS Richard 1896 Wit and Wisdom from West Africa (Tinsley Brothers) scanned image copy of a book of proverbs from West African people groups. Includes a chapter of Wolof proverbs. Download from Google books.

Other resources on the Wolof language

Wolof Pen-Pal

Interested in having a Wolof pen-pal? You might find one at my language exchange wolof pen-pal page.


The site Conte moi has a good number stories told in French and African languages including Wolof. The text in French is available, and the story can be listened to in French and the original language. The length and level of difficulty make them a useful resource for language students. The following stories are told in Wolof.

Under Contes du Sénégal

Under Contes de Mauritanie

ROGER, Baron Jacques-François 1828 Fables Senegalaises PDF download from Google books

BECKER, Charles; MARTIN Victor; MBODJ Mohamed 2000 Proverbes et énigmes wolof cités dans le Dictionnaire volof-français de Mgr Kobès et du R.P. Abiven (pdf) This collection of Wolof proverbs uses the old spelling format based on French.

BECKER, Charles; MBODJ Mohamed 1978 Chants wolof et la sagesse de Ncothie Barma (pdf) This collection of stories uses the old spelling format based on French.



UCLA Wolof Web site has recentlly added a short demo of Wolof speaking. They have also posted their Wolof recording archives on the internet. They are currently developing a downloadable Wolof video course.

Lexilogos dictionnaire wolof French page with links to various Wolof language resources on the internet.

MBODJ. Chérif; BECKER Charles; MARTIN Victor 1980 Les patronymes wolof: Notes and Les patronymes wolof: Répartition par pays traditionnels. Two articles on Wolof family names.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in pdf format for Wolof, English or French

UNESCO have a Wolof literacy primer available for downloading.

Web Sources for African Languages have a page for the Wolof language with a variety of links of interest to Wolof language students.

Loïc-Michel Perrin has created an excellent site listing resources on the Wolof language available on the internet and an overview of Wolof grammar. He has hosted a number of excellent academic papers, many of which have a direct link from the page.

Leipoldt’s Wolof Language Project is a site on development with Wolof grammar, vocab and links.

Senegalaisement Online Wolof course A french page which seeks to teach Wolof interactively via downloadable modules.

The Peace Corp Senegal have a number of language learning resources. The site also has a number of radio programs in Wolof prepared by Peace Corps volunteers. And a volunteer with the Peace Corps Gambia has set up a website to help with learning Gambian Wolof. It includes audio files.

Afroweb have an overview of Wolof grammar in french and a small Wolof-French-Wolof dictionary

Sénégalou Mon Sénégal, a virtual travel blog site in French has some pages on Wolof language of dubious values, and discussion of Sengalese reciples, traditions and customs. My place where Africa Comes Alive is another blog page on Wolof with a few expressions and a small lexicon.

Indiana University has a number of Wolof conversation audios online.

The University of Pennsylvania have a vocabulary and pronunciation guide for common vocabulary.

Wikipedia now exists in Wolof. Why not participate by contributing new articles or editing existing ones. Don't worry if your Wolof is not perfect. Others will correct any mistakes in time.

Websters Online Dictionary have a small Wolof-English dictionary

Freelang have an online Wolof-French; French-Wolof dictionary which is also downloadable.

There is a Swedish-Wolof-English dictionary of Gambian Wolof is an online collaborative Wolof-English dictionary of Gambian Wolof.

Verbix have an online Wolof verb conjugator.

Ominiglot includes an entry on the Wolof language.

There is a blog site called Janga Wolof themed on the Wolof language created by a Wolof language student in the US. It contains a mixture of Gambian and Sengalese Wolof. It also has an archive site.

PanAfrL10n is a wikipedia type site for African languages and includes a page for Wolof with many excellent links and information.

Columbia University have a page of resources for African languages on the web including Wolof

The Wolof Bank have a Wolof version of their Indigenous Knowledge program. They have a number of their IK notes from 1998 and 1999 translated into Wolof from the English or French.

The Senegalese have produced many films. A list of 86 titles with Wolof soundtracks is found at the US Internet Movie Database or the UK Internet Movie Database. The National Library of Australia lists a number of Wolof books. The collection is housed at Cinemedia in Melbourne. Cinemedia Aus Video database search includes their own Wolof films.

Create International have produced a Wolof drama which seeks to encourage people to consider that one day we must all give an account of our lives to God. The title translated means "The Scales of God".

Are you interested in borrowing a book on the Wolof? The U.S.A. Library of Congress database lists 353 books under a search on Wolof.

Systèmes alphabétiques des langues africaines have the alphabets and phonetic tables of many African languages including Wolof.

TLT of Penn State University includes an page on inserting the accented characters of Wolof into documents.

Michael Canov has produced a periodic table in Wolof as part of a site listing the names of the elements in many languages.

Microsoft have produced a style guide for preparing a user interface in Wolof for computer software.

Fishbase provides a online searchable database of information on species of fish including Wolof common names. The information provided by this database as of February 2001 with corrections of spelling is contained in Marine Fish of Senegal and Freshwater Fish of Senegal. IRD in association with LINUS in Senegal have also produced a database of fish species known to exist in Senegal based on the information contained in Fishbase. An index based on name (scientific, common french name or local language name) allows the user to find the Wolof name for a particular species or the scientific name for a given Wolof name.

The French language journal SudLangues regularly publishes linguistic papers on the Wolof language. Search on the word Wolof.

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) has a large library of education materials on microfiche and downloadable pdf documents. Their collections includes a number of courses in Wolof prepared for Peace Corps volunteers. So a search on Wolof.

Xibaar yi is an news website in Wolof. It includes video, audio and text.

There are plans by Google to provide Wolof translation according to an article published on the 11 June 2010.


The Alf@net project of ANAFA has translated Firefox and AbiWord into Wolof. They also include several tutorials on using a computer and a typing program in Wolof

GNOME is an easy-to-use GNU computing platform for Unix-like operating systems. Wolof is one of the languages it has been translated into. Wolof Language packs

There is a project to translate Debian (Linux) Installer in Wolof:


Ordering books and other resources on the Wolof language via the Internet


Transparent language have produced a CD ROM that teaches 101 languages of the World including Wolof. It claims to include a vocabulary of 5,000 words and hundreds of basic phrases, native speaker sound and speech analysis for each language. It includes word games, dictations and interactive dialogues. Worth checking out.


Book cover Ay Baati Wolof-A Wolof Dictionary by MUNRO, Pamela; GAYE, Dieynaba Revised Edition 1997 is the best Wolof-English-Wolof dictionary available and quite comprehensive. It is produced by Dept. of Linguistics, UCLA (Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Number 19) but no longer available in hard copy form. It is however now available for free download from UCLA (scanned image pdf).

dictionary coverWolof Lexicon and Grammar by Sana CAMARA 2006 (NALRC Press, Madison) ISBN: 1-5970-3012-0 : 978-1597030120 A moderately extensive Wolof-English dictionary and grammar manual.

dictionary coverWolof-English/English-Wolof Dictionary & Phrasebook by Nyima KANTOREK 2006 (Hippocrene Books, New York) ISBN: 0-7818-1086-8 : 9780781810869 Dictionary of Gambian Wolof. The book can be read online at Amazon. Because of the spelling system I do not recommend this book for use outside of the Gambia.

dictionary coverDictionnaire wolof-français et français-wolof by Jean-Léopold DIOUF 2003 (Karthala, Paris) ISBN 2-84586-454-X This is the best of the Wolof-French dictionaries and can be referred to in Google books.

Book cover Dictionnaire Wolof-Français, suivi d’un index Français-Wolof by A. Fall, R. Santos et J. Doneux 1990 (Karthala, Paris) ISBN 2-86537-233-2 is another good Wolof-French dictionaries and quite comprehensive.

Book cover Dictionnaire Français-Wolof by Mamadou Cisse (1998) is the best French-Wolof dictionary.

Book cover Le Wolof du Poche by Michael FRANKE (2001) is just out.

Other Wolof dictionaries and glossaries, all of which are in French include:

Wolof Courses

Ka coverNanu Dégg Wolof A Multidimensional Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Wolof as a Foreign Language Omar KA 2009 (NALRC Press, Madison) ISBN 978-1-59703-017-5 This is one of the few serious courses available in English.

Book cover J'apprends le Wolof by Marina YAGUELLO, Jean-Léopold DIOUF; This is probably the best course in Wolof available in French. It is now available for purchase as an ebook. Audio tapes of the dialogues and exercises to accompany the book are also available.

Parlons Wolof Langue et Culture by SALL MALHERBE is another Wolof language course in French.

Other courses and grammar manuals which are all written in French include:

Wolof Texts

Book cover Le Bossu Et Le Ninki-Nanka : Ma-Xuuge Ak Ninki-Nanka Ba by Sophie MONTDESIR, Mamadou CISSE is a children's story in Wolof and French.

Léébu, proverbes wolof by Jacqueline CRIBIER, Martine DREYFUS, Mamadou GUEYE is a collection of Wolof proverbs

There are three good books of Wolof stories each with an adjacent French translation.

Numerous short books in Wolof of varying difficulty on many subject have been published in the past 10 years as part of literacy programs by organisations such as:

Contact details for each organisation are provided to enable you to write to or in some cases e-mail these organisations for more details on their books.

Other Books

Wolof Phonology and Morphology by Omar KA (University Press of America, Maryland) ISBN 978-0-8191-9288-2

The University of Illinois published a Wolof course book called Ayca ci Wolof ("Let's Go in Wolof") with tapes. I do not whether this course and the tapes are still available. Contact either UI African Studies or UI Linguistics for information.

SYLLA, Assane 1994 La Philosophie Morale des Wolof (Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire [IFAN], Dakar) is an excellent treatise in French on the world view of the Wolof. Also an excellent source of Wolof proverbs, which the author uses to analyse Wolof thinking.

Lexicarry book cover pictureAn excellent tool for learning any language is Lexicarry: An Illustrated Vocabulary Builder for Second Languages by Patrick R. MORAN 1990 (Pro Lingua Associates, Brattleboro) It contains line drawing illustrations to convey the meanings of over 3,500 words of everyday vocabulary. A Wolof word list (.pdf format 171kB) to accompany this is available on this site.

Font sets with all Wolof characters for typing in Wolof


IPA Phon Fonts
SIL IPA fonts
Fonts in Cyberspace: A guide to finding script and language fonts on the Internet


TransRoman Pro; TransRoman; AfroRoman

Note also that all the Wolof characters not found in English are contained in the Unicode Latin supplement 1 and Latin Extended A character sets. Refer to the Chart of special Wolof character Unicode codes for more information.