Texts and Media in Wolof on the Internet

Listen to Wolof on the Internet

One of the keys to mastering Wolof is to expose yourself to large amounts of Wolof which you understand in context. It is now possible to listen or watch hundreds of hours of natural everyday Wolof via the internet. This is an excellent resource for the Wolof language student.

Live Radio

A variety of Senegalese radio stations stream on the internet. RFM, SudFM, Radio Dunyaa, DissoFM (also can be accessed here), radio Sunuker all have talkback or news in Wolof. Radio Santati, Ocean FM, SoxnaFM, Rewmi FM, Love FM, Nostalgie FM, ToubaFM, Jokko FM, Seneweb FM, Radio Xalima, Tam-Tam (also accessible here), West AFrica Democracy Radio, Radio Aere Lao, Radio Municipale de Dakar, TOP FM Dakar, Wazapon and Walf FM mostly play music but may have Wolof programs at various times of the day. Try especially on the hour when you are more likely to find a news program.


The podcasts of many of the sites below are in .mp3 format including those of Seneweb and SudFM. You can use the free program URLSnooper to find the direct link of the file of the podcast in order to download it to your computer. You may then listen to it as many times as you wish without problems of bandwidth.

Sud FM podcast a lot of their shows including the Wolof programs Waxtaanou Fadiar; Eutoub Sud; Diano Bi; Tafsir; press revues and the news. Seneweb broadcasts a number of the above radio stations. It also has podcasts of previous programs including Dég Dëg and Jottayou L'Islam which are in Wolof, and Penc mi televised talk back radio. There is also an episode of the news in Wolof on their website. Sunuker also has some podcasts in Wolof as well as links to other radio and TV stations on the internet. Radio Touba Hizbut Tarquiyyah has a full news broadcast in Wolof. Rewni also have a number of examples of Wolof news episodes.

Ahloubadar is a Mouride site mainly in Wolof with a large amount of audio and video material.


The TV station RDV is available on the internet 24/7 and includes some Wolof programs. There are Wolof programs Ñun ak Yeen 2000-2100h Tues; 1300-1400h Mon - Thu; possible at 2000h Sat and Sun; and a Wolof play Mon 2100h. The news in Wolof can be seen at 19h Fridays. It mainly shows movies in French, and music videos. RTS TV is available from bigfreetv.

Sunu-tv allow you to view a variety of stations live from Senegalese TV. Each link annoyingly also brings up an attempt to have you recommend their site in another tab, but it does go to the link you select on the original site. Selecting the desired station from the Mes chaînes tab works best. The direct links to the local TV stations on Sunu-tv are RTS, RDV, 2sTV and WalfTV. The other stations are international stations broadcasting in Senegal.

RTS programs in Wolof include [Times are GMT] Xel dou doy (Mon 1300h; Sat 1415h; Sun 1125-1150h); Tontou Bataxaal on religious questions (Fri 1130; Nemekou talk show (Tues 1205-1255); Lii ci biir yoor yoor talk show (Wed 1205-1255h);News in Wolof (Mon to Fri 1325-1340h; 1820-1830h). You can watch these programs through Sunu-tv. RTS does not broadcast overnight.

ToubaFM also stream videos of Mouride chanting and Islamic teaching in Wolof

The Tidjaniya have a Web TV transmission. Another Web TV site has a variety of archived videos including Wolof plays.

Xalima includes videos and links to various radio and TV stations in Senegal. There are Wolof podcasts to listen to under the Radio Xalima tab.

There are many link sites to radio stations streaming on the web. One of the better ones is UKDX.


You can also listen to the entire Wolof soundtrack of the video, God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, an excellent 80 minute animated overview of the message of the Bible. The full English text of God's story is also available to follow while listening to the Wolof soundtrack.

You can also listen to or watch the entire soundtrack of the film Jesus in Wolof .

LangMedia have a number of language videos in Wolof dealing with typical everyday situations.

Plan International have a number of downloadable radio dramas on social issues in Wolof. Most have also been produced in English (Cameroon) and French (Senegal) which make them an excellent resource for the intermediate language student. Be awre that the file naming of several of the files does not match the contents.

The Peace Corps Senegal have a number of radio programs in Wolof prepared by Peace Corps volunteers.

Xam Sa Dine has a large number of audio messages on Islam in Wolof.

A search on YouTube will find a variety of videos in the Wolof language.

Texts in Wolof on the Internet

There are many texts in Wolof that have been published on the Internet. Some of these texts also have the English and/or French translations of the text which are very useful for the Wolof language student. Some use the current official orthography. Others use an older orthography or a French spelling of the Wolof sounds.

The site Wolof Rek is all in Wolof as is Xibaar yi. And it is worth having a browse of Wikipedia and WikiQuote in Wolof which also has many articles.

1st Intern. Collection of Tongue Twisters - Wolof has two Wolof tongue twisters. Wolof Online have a list of untranslated Wolof proverbs as does Wolof Rek. Au-Senegal have a list of proverbs translated into French as does Wikipedia Wolof and le Petit Wolof. Quizlet have 15 common proverbs translated into English.

The Words of Jesus of Nazareth online presents the life and teachings of Jesus. The Wolof text is also available for download in either .rft doc pdf or html format and for palm pilots. The text is also available online in English and French in a variety of formats including pdf: English; French.

The World Bank Indigenous Knowledge Program has produced a whole website repeated in a variety of languages including Wolof, French and English. Plenty of reading for those wanting to move ahead in Wolof with the possibility of comparing it with your mother tongue.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Wolof. A pdf version is also available for download. The same text is also available on the web in English and French

La Santé Pour Tous have produced a downloadable bilingual French-Wolof guide to health in France for immigrants.

INPES have produced a downloadable French-Wolof guide to health in France for migrants. It is also available from the La Santé Pour Tous website. An English-French version is also available. INPES have also produced a tract on the use of condoms in Wolof, French and English.

Gerti HESSELING has translated a summary of her doctoral thesis on the constitutional and political evolution in Senegal into French, Wolof and Diola.

The journal Le Courrier de l'environnement de l'INRA n30, April 1997 published an article Urbi et Orbi on the Internet in Wolof.

Another article entitled The Undocumented Africans "of St. Ambroise" is published in Wolof, English and French.

Khadi Fall has published a poem in Wolof on the Internet which was written for the International Writing program organised by the University of Iowa in 1995, together with an English translation. The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) have used the same poem as an example of their program, and it can be downloaded in pdf form. TEI also have a Wolof story.

Michael Greenacre has written the Millenium song based on Frederic Chopin's Prelude op. 28 no. 20 in C minor. This has been translated into numerous languages including Wolof.

Languages of the World have a commercial site trying to attract customers. They feature a short Wolof text and English translation. The text is written with an old orthography.

The Peace Corps Senegal have an 8 page booklet in Wolof on planting trees, Naka Lanuy Jëmbëte Garab?.

Then there is a picture and text of "Hail Mary" in the Wolof language in a stained glass window.