List of Common Names of Freshwater Fishes of Senegal

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The information provided in this table is mainly obtained from Fishbase with correction of French spelling of Wolof words made where possible, and the Dictionnaire wolof-français by Fal et al. The links from the scientific names provide much information about the fish in question. P* indicates that pictures or photos are available in Fish base. More important fish are highlighted in yellow (where several names are included in the box, the key fish is the first listed).

Wolof Common name English Common Name French Common Name Scientific name
banas - - Marcusenius senegalensis senegalensis
banas - - Brienomyrus niger
béjj bi      (photo) Widehead catfish
- Clarotes laticeps P*
bilik bi, xiip bi Vundu
Catfish, Sampa (US),
- Heterobranchus longifilis P*
bilik bi, xiip bi -
- Heterobranchus bidorsalis
bun bi Globe fish
Puffer fish
- Tetraodon lineatus P*
buuda bi Snakehead - Parachanna obscura
capp mi
Lebou: karamant
Grooved mullet Mulet bouri
Mulet (Senegal)
Liza dumerili P*
car bi
Lebou: car mbex bi
Sicklefin mullet Mulet à grandes nageoires , Mulet (Senegal) Liza falcipinnis P*
caxat mi, suur duul, xos wi
Lebou: buux
Banded jewelfish Hemichromis (Senegal) Hemichromis fasciatus P*
daakanje ji Tailspot ctenopoma
Kingsley's Ctenopoma
Tailspot climbing perch
- Ctenopoma kingsleyae
dabé bi Spot-tail - Brycinus imberi P*
dabé bi True big-scale tetra
- Brycinus macrolepidotus
dabé bi - - Brycinus leuciscus
galax wi Aba - Gymnarchus niloticus P*
gàng bi -kala    (photo) - - Synodontis waterloti
gàng bi -kala, kala bi Wahrindi Silure Synodontis schall
gàng bi -kala - - Synodontis ocellifer
gàng bi-kala Upsidedown catfish - Synodontis batensoda
gàng bi -kala - - Synodontis annectens
geer wi    (photo) Tiger-fish - Hydrocynus brevis
geer wi - - Hydrocynus forskalii P*
jën weex wi    (photo) Nile perch perche du Nile
Lates niloticus P*
kala bi, gàng bi -kala Wahrindi Silure Synodontis schall
majëmajaan, maj majaan bi, wañaar Electric catfish - Malapterurus electricus P*
mbett mi      (photo) Moonfish   Citharinus citharus citharus
Citharinus latus
nguurlo mi Bubu
Giraffe catfish
- Auchenoglanis occidentalis P*
nguurlo mi - - Auchenoglanis biscutatus
njagel bi, mbóor mi     (photo) African bonytongue - Heterotis niloticus
pett mi - - Petrocephalus bovei bovei
rum bi     (photo) - - Hyperopisus bebe bebe P*
rum-boos bi Mormyrids - Mormyrus rume
rum-boos bi Elephant snout - Mormyrus hasselquistii P*
samba amul kawar mi
Lebou: njasaan
Bigtoothed pellonula Pellonale (Senegal), Sardine (Senegal) Pellonula vorax P*
satt bu weex bi    (photo) African carp - Labeo senegalensis P*
satt xuun bi    (photo) African carp - Labeo coubie P*
sees bi      (photo) Bagrid catfish - Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus
sees bi - - Chrysichthys auratus longifilis
Invalid synonym: Chrysichthys auratus
segal bi , sëgal bi Kafue pike
African pike, Pike characid (USA)
- Hepsetus odoe P*
selinje ji Silversides - Alestes baremoze P*
selinje ji Characin
- Alestes dentex
ser Reticulate knifefish - Papyrocranus afer
soomoor wi - - Distichodus brevipinnis
soomoor wi Grass-eater
- Distichodus rostratus
suur duul, caxat mi, xos wi
Lebou: buux
Banded jewelfish Hemichromis (Senegal) Hemichromis fasciatus P*
tuuba bi     (photo) West African lungfish - Protopterus annectens annectens P*
waas wi, waas ñuul wi Redbelly tilapia
Zill's tilapia
Pastenague boulée (Senegal) Tilapia zillii P*
waas wi, waas xos wi Blue tilapia - Oreochromis aureus P*
waas wi    (photo) Nile tilapia
Mozambique tilapia
Tilapia du Nil Oreochromis niloticus niloticus P*
waas wi Mango tilapia
St. Peter's fish
- Sarotherodon galilaeus galilaeus P*
waalus wi    (photo) Bayad - Bagrus bajad
xaab bi Gray bichir - Polypterus senegalus senegalus P*
xell bi African butter catfish
African glass catfish, Butterfish, Silver catfish
- Schilbe mystus P*
Invalid synonym: Eutropius niloticus
xos wi , caxat mi, suur duul
Lebou: buux
Banded jewelfish Hemichromis (Senegal) Hemichromis fasciatus P*
xos wi Jewelfish
African jewelfish (US)
Cichlide à deux taches (Canada) Hemichromis bimaculatus P*
yes wi, yas wi North African catfish
Catfish, Barbel, Common Catfish, Mudfish (UK), Sharptooth catfish,
Poisson-chat nord-africain Clarias gariepinus P*
yes wi, yas wi Mudfish - Clarias anguillaris P*


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Diaw, Abdoul Aziz 1976 Un Vocabulaire Wolof de la Faune au Sénégal (CLAD, Dakar)

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