Wolof words for Wild animals in Senegal

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A Unicode font is needed to view this page correctly. If you can read this Wolof character "ŋ" you are setup.

More important animals or those which commonly appear in Wolof stories or in the Bible are highlighted in yellow.

These are animals which you might come across in the north of Senegal.

janax ji
mouse picture
mouse or rat / souris ou rat
lëg gi
hare picture
hare / lièvre
golo gi
monkey picture
monkey / singe
golo bu nuul bi
green monkey
green monkey / singe verte
yoolaan bi
genet picture
genet / genette
Genetta thierryi / Genetta tigrina
siiru si
wild cat picture
wild cat / chat sauvage
Felis libyca
wel wi (njappati)
sand fox picture
sand fox / renard pâle
Vulpes pallida
till gi
jackal picture
jackal / chacal
Canis aurens
suññéel bi
hedgehog picture
hedgehog / hérisson
(Atelerix albiventris)
kund bi
badger picture
honey badger / ratel
Mellivora capensis
jab gi / wéxéñ wi
skunk picture

african skunk
/ zorille commun
Ictonyx striatus
stripped weasel
/ zorille de libye
Poecilictis libyca

bukki bi
hyena picture
hyena / hyène
Crocuta crocuta

xojox mi

Gambian sun squirrel
/ écureuil de Gambie
(Heliosciurus gambianus)

jaar ji / jaxar ji
squirrel picture
stripped ground squirrel
/ écureuil fouisseur
(Xerus erythropus)
mbaam-àll mi
warthog picture
warthog / phacochère
sikkóor bi
mongroose picture
mongoose / mangouste
Ichneumia albicauda
Herpestus paludinosus
Mungos mungo
Herpestes sanguineus
Herpestes ichneumon
léebéer bi
hippo picture
hippopotamus / hippopotame
(Hippopotamus amphibius)
leraw bi
dugong picture
dugong / lamantin
Trichechus senegalensis
mbott mi
toad picture
toad / crapaud

Other animals of interest.

kéwél gi
gazelle picture
gazelle / gazelle
(Gazella rufifrons, Gazelle dorcas)
kooba gi
antelope picture
roan antelope
/ antilope chevaline
(Hippotragus equinus)
mbill mi
reedbuck picture
common reedbuck
/ cobe des roseaux
(Redunca redunca)
gaynde gi
lion  picture
lion / lion
Panthera leo
segg mi
leopard picture
leopard / panthère, léopard
(Panthera pardus)
tene mi
cheetah picture
cheetah / guépard
(Acinonyx jubatus)
wànga-lànga wi
rhinoceros / rhinocéros
(Diceros bicornis)
ñey wi (ñay wi)
elephant picture
elephant / éléphant
(Lexodonta africana)
njamala mi
giraffe picture
giraffe / girafe
(Giraffa camelopardalis)
dàngin gi
gorilla picture
gorilla / gorille
saaw mi
porcupine picture
porcupine / porc-épic
Hystrix cristata
njomboor ji
rabbit picture
rabbit / lapin
kaña gi
rat picture
black or ship rat, / gros rat
(Rattus norvegicus, Rattus rattus)
frog picture
frog / grenouille
fasu àll wi
zebra pciture
zebra / zèbre
nagu àll wi
buffalo picture
african buffalo /
buffle d'Afrique
Syncerus caffer
civet picture
african civet /
civette d'Afrique
(Viverra civetta)

kancóoli gi

giant Gambian rat
/ rat géant de Gambie
(Cricetomys gambianus)

njaxat bi

aardvark / oryctérope
(Orycteropus afer)
saafaandu gi

cape hunting dog
/ chien sauvage dÁfrique
(Lycaon pictus)

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