Wolof Vocabulary relating to Fishing

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nappkat bi fisherman mool mi fisherman

Tools of trade

gaal gi boat joow bi paddle, oar
wiir bi sail teeru bi anchorage, landing pier, jetty
oos gi pole for pushing a boat through water waax bi bamboo - commonly used for pole
kabal gi anchor maaw gi mast
caax mi woven fishing net mbaal mi fishing net
mbaalum-snni mi throwing net caaxu-gubbal
pulling net
net which is set to surround fish mbrkal fish trap to keep fish already caught alive
dolinka gi, oos gi fish hook jaat gi fishing rod
sidoole bi rod with many hooks attached to short cords    
meeb bi bait, lure tuff bi bait
gulumba bi weights, sinkers paat bi floats
mboq finer net used on the ends of a pulling net teerlu strong central net of a pulling net
fabran rope used to pull in a pulling net nderu kaw
nderu suuf
rope on which the pulling net is attached
tnk ropes between the top/bottom of pulling net and the "fabran" boom rope
bt/may size of holes in net caas gi string used for weaving nets, and fishing lines
lii gi fishing line    

Wolof parts of net diagram

tefes gi beach gej gi ocean
deg bi pond, sea, backwater dex gi lake, river
ndox mi water mbeex mi sea salt water
duus bi wave    


napp to fish smb to dip in water, to take a dip
fey to swim sob to immerse in water
suux to sink lab to drown
joow to paddle, row oosu to advance a boat with a pole, punt
gt to fish from an anchored boat with a long line with many hooks and baits mbaali to fish using a net
waas to scale a fish butti to gut a fish or bird
kajj to fish with a harpoon wallax to bail out a boat

Adjectival verbs

smbaraax to be no good for fishing ?storm
fuur to be choppy puurit bi chop, froth

Fish parts

bopp bi head geen bi tail
ciiriit bi fin caaxo bi gill
waasintor wi fish scale    
keccax gi smoked fish gejj wi fermented dried fish
tll bi a large slice of fish    

Other professions

lawbe woodworker tgg metal worker
wuude cobbler shoemaker wullikat tanner, leatherworker
masoŋ mason, bricklayer    

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