Wolof terms for Domestic Animals (bàyyima yi)

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nag wi
Cows picture
cow / vache
nag wi
yëkk wi
nag wu jigéen
cow / vache
bull / taureau
large bull
female cow
wulu wi
female cow which has not born a calf (heifer / génisse)
séll wi
male calf
calf / veau
xar mi
Sheep pictures
sheep / mouton
xar mi
kuuy mi
xar mu jigéen
tëng bi
mbote mi (mburtu mi)
jagal bi
sheep / mouton
ram / bélier
female sheep (ewe / brebis)
female sheep which has not born a lamb (ewe lamb)
lamb / agneau
castrated ram
béy wi / bëy wi
Goat picture
goat / chèvre
bëy wi
sikket bi
bëy wu jigéen
tëng bi
tef bi
goat / chèvre
billy goat / bouc
nanny goat
female goat which has not born a kid
kid / chevreau
fas wi
Horse picture
fas wi
sàll wi
wajan wi
mol mi
horse / cheval
stallion / étalon
mare / jument
colt or foal / poulain
giléem gi
Camel picture
giléem gi
tukël bi
naaga / masaar gi
mbocoor mi
camel / chameau
bull camel /
female camel / chamelle

ginaar gi / ganaar gi
Chickens picture
chicken / poule
ginaar gi
séq gi
ginaar gu jigéen
tëng bi
cuuj bi
chicken / poule
rooster / coq
hen / poule
female chicken which has not born a chick
chick / poussin
naat bi
Guinea fowl picture guinea fowl / pintade
kanaara gi
Duck picture duck / canard
koppin bi
turkey picture turkey / dinde ou dindon
mbaam-xuux mi
pig picture
pig / porc
muus mi / wundu wi
cat picture
cat / chat
xaj bi
dog picture
dog / chien
kuti bi
puppy picture
puppy / chiot
mbaam-sëf mi
mbaam-kër mi
donkey picture
donkey / âne
barkelle bi/berkelle bi

gàtt bi sheep or goats ovinés
jur gi livestock bétail
herd or flock troupeau
bàyyima bi domestique animal animal domestique
mala mi animal  
gétt gi place where animals are assembled  
ngédd gi stake to which an animal is attached (flock of goats?)  
kaaf gi henhouse or cage poulailler ou cage

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