Wolof Vocabulary relating to Senegalese cuisine

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Miscellaneous cooking vocabulary

xorom si

salt / sel

poobar bi

pepper / poivre

tibmasi bi / jimbo

stock cubes

laaj ji
garlic / ail
tamaate lóqati ji

tomato paste / purée de tomates

diw gi

animal fat, oil / corps gras

dëwlin/diwlin ji

cooking oil / huile alimentaire

suukar si

sugar / sucre

sunguf si

flour of any cereal / farine

bol bi

flour of any cereal / farine

fëriñ/fariñ si

wheat flour / farine de blé

sanqal si

semolina of any grain / semoule

araw / karaw li

small balls of millet or rice flour

ruy bi

millet porridge / bouillie

cere ji

millet couscous

cere faas ji

moroccan couscous

gejj wi

dried fish / poisson sec

yéet ji

type of dried shellfish

paañ bi

type of shellfish

njar mi

mixture of curdled milk and water

soow mi / meew mi


mbaanig mi / yaawuur bi

creamy whey / yogurt

kàcc mi

sour whey / lait caillé aigre

dax bi

whey / beurre

lewuur de buulaansi?

yeast / levure de boulangerie

kafe gi

coffee / café

warga wi

green tea

cin li

cooking pot / marmite

ndab li / bool bi

eating bowl

furno bi

charcoal stove

leket / leget gi

calabash bowl / calebasse

paaka bi

knife / couteau

kuddu gi

spoon / cuillère

macaat / mucaat mi

fish bones head etc which is taken out of the meal

xóoñ yi

hard cooked rice / gratin

ñeex mi


roof bi

stuffing / farce

laalo ji

thickener made of the leaves of baobab tree

Senegalese dishes

ceebu jën bi
Fish & Rice
maafe mi
millet porridge

sauce served with laax

cere mbuum

yaasa bi
suppu kànje
cu bi
domodaa bi
domodaa dish
mbaxal mi ñànkata bi mbuum mi
sómbi bi fataaya beñe bi

Some verbs associated with food

dak (to make balls) sàqami (to chew) yëy (to chew) [hard foods] wann (to swallow)
warax (to swallow without chewing) mar (to lick) macc (to suck)  
yabbi (spit out of one's mouth) gallaxndiku (rinse the mouth) mos (to taste) sotti (to pour)
talaale (to saute) ñulug (add water to the pot) sebet (wash the rice) xeppi (pour out)
tay (steam rice by sealing the pot with a rag) suus (to be stream cooked) suusal (to steam)  
seppi (remove cooked vegetables or fish from the pot) yakk (to remove from the pot and place in serving bowl)    
séddale (to divide prepared food into serving bowls) sóor (to put steamed rice in the sauce) xóoyal (to thin down, mix with water)  


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